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Yale University (CT, USA)

BS Engineering Sciences-Mechanical                                                                                                                          (2016)

Senior Thesis: “Optimizing 2D image to 3D model software (123D Catch) for use in mapping residual limb morphology in amputees”


对外经济贸易大学 -University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China)

Duke University Intensive intermediate Chinese language study program                                                              (2013)



DIT Design Studio Manager                                                        

Rice 360 Institute for Global Health (DSM, TZ)                                                                                        (06/2019-present)

  • Manage operation of 950+ member university makerspace which includes overseeing material procurement, machine maintenance, member outreach, external partnerships, and technical skills classes.

  • Mentored 110+ student projects from ideation phase through to need responsive functional prototype.

  • Engage & assist university faculty with incorporation of active learning into existing curriculum.

  • Co-wrote university’s inaugural BS Biomedical Engineering curriculum.

  • Build & manage member information management system which has automated unique member ID card generation & collation of reporting data. System currently in replication at other Design Studios.

  • Establish & maintain strategic partnerships with local NGOs, hospitals & hubs.


Engineer I

Building Momentum (VA, USA)                                                                                                                  (01/2018-02/2019)

  • Instructed 100+ active duty US Marines, children & educators in product design fabrication techniques such as Computer Aided Design, 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics, welding & Arduino programming.

  • Conducted product development and fabrication services for clients and designed devices such as autonomous robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, sensor units & museum exhibition replicas.

  • Built entire data collection, analysis & visualization system that automated key processes.

  • Led curriculum redesign of flagship military technology training program.


Field Ready                                                                                                                                                  (06/2016-04/2019)

  • Designed and CAD modelled emesis basis that was 3D printed and tested in Nepal. 

  • Trained under University of Minnesota's 48-hour Humanitarian Crisis Simulation. 

  • Deployed to US Virgin Islands in the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria as part of Rapid Emergency Response (RED) team. Conducted initial disaster assessment and conducted rapid prototyping to meet identified needs.


Middle School Teacher                                                                                                     

Pierrepont School (CT, USA)                                                                                                                     (08/2016-12/2017)   

  • Designed & implemented elementary school Computer Science curricular towards teaching object oriented programming to 3rd grade students.

  • Prepared & delivered experiential learning classes with demonstrations & experiments geared towards spurring curiosity & achieving Science outcomes.

  • Co-authored & co-taught school’s first Sexual & Reproductive Health Curriculum.

Student Technician                                                                                                             

Yale Information Technology Services (CT, USA)                                                                                  (12/2013 – 05/2016)  

  • Troubleshot & repaired software & hardware defects in Yale students’ personal computers for 8 hours per week, servicing on average 15 clients each week.

  • Trained new Yale students in personal computer literacy, maintenance & Yale Information Technology Services norms.

  • Advised students on Yale online resources, data backup options & personal computer management.



Rapid prototyping | Concept generation | Computer Aided Design | Static and Motion Analyses | Computer Aided Manufacturing | RF Communications (Xbee)


Vinyl cutting |  MIG Welding |  3D printing |  Laser-cutting | Woodwork | Metalwork |  Plasma Cutting |  Printed Circuit Board Design & Milling |  Fiberglass & Gel application


Arduino |  MATLAB | JavaScript | C


Native: English, Shona, Northern Ndebele | Conversant: KiSwahili, Chinese (Mandarin) 


Taylor, A., Gobin, A., Mitaro, E., Moyo, W., Jenjezwa, J., Lodzanyama, H., Sanyahumbi, D., Mirabal, Y., Vweza, A., Chilipa, R. and Mafuta, M., Reimaging Experiential Learning in Global Health: Implementation and Assessment of a Bidirectional, Virtual Exchange Program for Undergraduates. In CUGH 2021 Virtual Conference. CUGH.

Doshi, H., Duffy, T.C., Friedlaender, L., Honan, L. and Jenjezwa, J., 2016. Creative Collaborations with Art, Music and Engineering: Improving the Perceptual Abilities of Novice Clinician. Yale Tech Summit.

Brooks J, Doshi H, Jameson C, Jenjezwa J and Thunell C, BeatBox: A Novel Device for More Realistic Pulse Simulation, University of Minnesota Design of Medical Devices Conference – Student Design Showcase



Innovation Week Tanzania 2021 | SPEAKER / PANELIST | Rethinking Development in the 21st Century: Making in Tanzania – Makerspaces as the cornerstone of the innovation ecosystem

VentureWell Open Conference 2021 | SPEAKER/CO-FACILITATOR | Impactful Events Programming Inside of Makerspaces that Support Education

Makerfaire 2020 | SPEAKER | Dar es Salaam’s Response to COVID-19: Locally distributed 3D Printing Network

Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) Faculty Workshop 2020 | MAIN FACILITATOR | Active learning

UNDP Thinker’s Campus Series 3 2020 | SPEAKER | Using 3D Printing in the Fight against COVID-19

ABEC Design Competition 2019 | MENTOR

Malawi Innovators Design Competition 2019 | JUDGE

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