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UVGI N95 Mask Sterilization Unit



Rice University’s Imaging Department developed a low-cost Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) N95 mask sterilization system for rapid deployment in resource limited settings.

Given the widespread shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Tanzania, irradiation would allow for reuse of masks and thus, better healthcare worker access to PPE. Towards the installation of the UVGI unit at Tanzania's Muhimbili National Hospital, I:

  • assessed user needs

  • initiated strategic partnerships

  • lobbied hospital management, showing benefits of UVGI sterilization

  • managed unit construction

  • authored training manuals

  • trained users, clinicians and technicians

  • managed project budget, Gantt chart  and reporting

Screenshot_20201207-153341_WhatsApp (1).jpg


15 minutes

Validated time taken to sterilize all masks within unit. 

25 masks

masks that can be disinfected in cycle of the UVGI unit. 

10 rooms

Number of additional rooms to be built with grant given to continue work. 


clinicians, users & technicians trained on the use, function and maintenance of UVGI room

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