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Waste Transfer Station (WTS)



Sudden and current humanitarian crises often experience sanitation challenges, especially with regards to the safe disposal of human waste. It was required that the proposed device allow for quick deployment, rapid fabrication and be easy to transport


Emergency responders and social enterprises can safely consolidate and contain fecal sludge in a network of robust and deployable waste transfer stations (WTS), isolating hazardous waste from the community and allowing for efficient transport to disposal or treatment sites.

The WTS is a 180litre device that allows for the safe consolidation, transport and disposal of waste. It is made of a rotating head to minimize user access to waste, a strong fiberglass body and smooth gel coated sloped inner walls for effective waste disposal.


Final Device


  • Review of CAD models

  • Device fabrication (woodwork, material procurement, fiberglass application, gel coat application). 

  • Ideation of truck harness.

  • User interviews. 

  • Technical feasibility testing. 

  • System feasibility testing. Assessed impact of WTS on environment. 

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